Ever since I was a child, I have loved to create and experiment with various media. When I discovered polymer clay in 1998, I was led into a world of art and creativity that was far beyond my imagination.

Nature, the spirit of ancient cultures, and my travels around the world inspire my work. By combining various media with polymer clay, I am given the freedom to fully express the intent of my art.

My work has been featured in the National Polymer Clay Guild’s newsletter,
Polyinformer, The Crafts Report, and in the Boston Globe. I have exhibited my work with the Bolton Artisans Guild, the Central Massachusetts Polymer Clay Guild, and in the Women’s Caucus for Art Artwaves International Sustaining Our Environment Project. I received First Place and Honorable Mention Awards for work exhibited in the National Polymer Clay Guild’s Progress and Possibilities International Juried Exhibit.

I believe that we are all inherently creative. For some it is art, for some it is music, for others it is the gift of the written or spoken word. In each of us lies a talent waiting to be released.